About Sæplast

The first Sæplast factory, Dalvik IcelandTHE ORIGINS OF SÆPLAST

SÆPLAST's roots can be traced back to Dalvik, a colourful fishing village in Northern Iceland.  SÆPLAST was founded in 1984, driven by demand from the Icelandic fishing community. As a response to local requirements, the SÆPLAST team developed double-walled insulated plastic tubs to extend the quality lifetime of fish.

Overlooking the local harbour and the deep fjord of Eyjafjörður, the SÆPLAST team constructed a product that revolutionized the handling of seafood and improved the safety of the fishermen.+


SÆPLAST opened its first sales office in Hong Kong in 2001. It soon became clear that there was a large demand for quality crafted SÆPLAST tubs.

We at SÆPLAST firmly believe that plastics will play an important role in optimizing supply chains, increase food safety and meet the needs of a growing middle class. Asian customers are increasingly paying more attention to the quality and safety of their food. E-commerce and faster turn-around will require quality handling of fresh food and here SÆPLAST is the safest option.

For over 30 years our engineers and designers have worked hard to make sure that SÆPLAST tubs meet the toughest demands from our wide range of customers. We constantly strive to improve the design of our tubs for better handling and increased safety.


SÆPLAST is a division of RPC Group. RPC Group is an innovative plastics converter with over 90 factories in 20 countries. From packaging for food to cosmetics, chemicals to pharmaceuticals, as well as components for light and heavy vehicles and electronics, RPC Promens is dedicated to shaping plastics beyond the obvious.

In addition to blow moulding and thermoforming we are the largest manufacturer in the world of rotationally moulded products. Combine that with our broad range of plastics that cover all major material classes, we can provide you with the most cost efficient solution.