Double Duo Tubs

Sæplast round tubs come in two sizesSÆPLAST ROUND TUBS STIRRING IT UP!

The development of shrimp  farming in SE-Asia has been robust but competition is growing fierce. Local firms are increasingly turning their attention to solutions that save costs and increase stability in their production.

PROMENS collaborated with clients and local equipment suppliers in seeking out a optimal soaking and stirring solution. As a result the innovative SÆPLAST round tub has been well-received by shrimp processors in SE-Asia.

The main  benefit of the SÆPLAST round tub is the even circulation of water, resulting in uniform distribution of ice and additives at optimal temperatures.

The SÆPLAST round tubs are easily maneuvered with pallet jacks, fork lifts or even manually. Therefore, the same tub can be used throughout the whole process, resulting in significant ice and labor savings, increased yield and processing stability.

The SÆPLAST round tubs are availble in 2 different sizes that are interstackable, ranging from 600 to 660 litre containers.