New J-210

The SÆPLAST J-210 is specially designed for small commercial fishing vessels and sport fishing enthusiasts. It is light, tough and easy to handle.

SÆPLAST J-210 tub is tailor-made for optimal handling of large fish. The lower height of the walls prevents excessive pressure on the products on the bottom and the long sleek design ensures the fish will not deform.

The SÆPLAST J-210 tub will secure your products during handling and keep your product cool. This is a great transition container from traditional single wall boxes and baskets. The insulated tub features a proven double-wall seamless construction which provides optimal temperature control and preserves your catch.

SÆPLAST tubs last up to 6–7 times longer than conventional single wall boxes. The SÆPLAST J-210 tub is spill resistant for ease of handling. This new model is fitted with a sealing gasket that ensures a mess free fit.

Additional features include:

– Adjustable latches ensure tight fit. – Stainless steel hinges. – Easy to wash-down and clean. – Safe and stable stacking of up to 6 tubs.