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Sæplast J-210 Insulated Plastic Container

Sæplast J-210 Insulated Plastic Container Sæplast J-210 Insulated Plastic Container

Optimal for temperature retention

Optimal for durability and strength

Outer DimensionsInner Dimensions
Weight25.7 kg. Volume205 liters
Product nr.: 6900J200
Priceincl. tax

Product Description

The Sæplast J-210 insulated plastic container is specially designed as a small fishing vessel tub and for sport fishing enthusiasts. It is light, tough and easy to handle. The Sæplast J-210 fish tub is also tailor made for optimal handling of large quality fish. The lower height of the walls prevents excessive pressure on the products on the bottom and the long sleek design ensures the fish will not deform. The Sæplast J-210 insulated plastic tub will secure your products during handling and keep your product cool. The container is double-walled with a PUR core and a high insulation factor. Even if the container is popular for fish vessels, the Sæplast J-210 insulated plastic container is a convenient and well-rounded small sized container and can be used for example as a fish tub, meat tub, as a food recycling container or whatever suits the customer. 


Sæplast J-210 Insulated Plastic Container                                                                                                          Any questions?

  • Long lasting - high insulation factor

  • Multifunctional 

  • Easy to handle and clean

  • Marking and tracking options

  • Multiple color options 


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 The Sæplast J-210 insulated plastic container has color, engraving/marking options and tracking solutions, see more details below. 


PUR insulated core

The insulation and strength factor - temperature control

Sæplast plastic containers are seamless rotomoulded double-walled containers. PUR refers to the polyurethane insulation injected into the walls of the tubs, ensuring a very high insulation factor. The primary benefit of PUR containers is temperature retention and control. For over 30 years Sæplast has developed a unique technique that ensures effective adhesion between the polyethylene walls and the polyurethane for long lasting structure.

Sæplast storage tubs are used in many industries that require temperature control of frozen, fresh and processed food. We offer a cold chain supply solution that is safe, efficient and hygienic. All Sæplast containers are produced from food-grade raw materials and comply with stringent food safety standards.


Sæplast insulated storage container is the safe choice for your products, your employees and your customers. 

• Good thermal properties ensure steady product temperature 
• The use of PUR lids with the containers further improves temperature retention 
• The one piece seamless design and smooth walls improves hygiene control 
• Double-walled Sæplast containers are strong and durable 

More details

We want to help minimize transport costs for our customers. The Sæplast team recommends comparing the optimal shipping quantities in the table below. The figures are based on a full container load. Keep in mind that minor variations can occur due to different stacking techniques.

Type Qty
20' foot container  60
40' footer container  134
40' HC container 134 


Color selection   Engraving and marking    Tracking solutions


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