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Sæplast 405 Depuration and Wet Storage Container

Sæplast 405 Sæplast 405
  • Sæplast 405 Sæplast 405
  • Sæplast 405 Sæplast 405
  • Sæplast 405 Sæplast 405
  • Sæplast 405 Sæplast 405

Optimal for temperature retention

Optimal for durability and strength

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Weight40 kg. Volume412 liters
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Sæplast 405 Depuration and Wet Storage Container  

Constructed from double-walled food-grade polyethylene filled with polyurethane, the Sæplast 405 and 705 litre PUR depuration and wet storage containers are the only insulated containers of their kind on the market today. They mark a radical breakthrough in the storage and purification of live mus- sels, oysters, clams and other shellfish. An even flow of water is maintained resulting in the perfect oxygenation of each individual shellfish.The Sæplast 405 joins the company’s existing and highly successful Sæplast 705 version. The new container offers a capacity of 400 liters, compared to the 705’s 700 liters, meeting current market demands for a smaller size in order to handle multiple shellfish species at the same location.


  • Radical breakthrough with ingeniously designed integrated water channels.

  • A water circulation system designed to achieve maximum flow and water renewal. - An integrated grid waste separator.

  • Fast release plugs for rapid emptying.

  • Emergency air inlet castings for use in the event of a failure in water flow.

  • The 405 operates without the need for any external pipe or drain connections.

  • Equally at home in both closed and open-circuit systems.